Video Visit Set Up


If a video visit is one of your care options on the symptom tracker results page, and you choose that option, a MyChart message will be sent to you with your meeting ID and the video visit setup information for your device (as also shown below):

1. Dowload and install Zoom Cloud Meetings

Zoom is a video conferencing app that UCSF providers use to conduct video visits with patients remotely. If you do not already have Zoom on your device, dowload it here.

Once complete, find and open the downloaded file to begin installing. Follow on-screen  instructions during the installation.

2. Test your connection

Once the installation completes, you may be automatically put into a test meeting. If not you can join the test meeting here. 

Once you/ve joined the meeting a pop-up window will appear with choices for your audio connection. If you have speakers and a microphone on your computer, you may choose Join by Computer. Otherwise, choose Join by PhoneFollow the on-screen instructions to test.

Your connection is successful when you see yourself in the window. This is just a test meeting, so no one else will join you.

If your video did not start automatically, find the Zoom toolbar and click the camera icon to make sure the correct camera is selected.

If you are having trouble, call MyChart customer service at  415-514-6000 for assistance.

3. Get ready for your video visit

Be sure to use the same device for your video visit that you used to test your connection. 

Prepare to join the Zoom meeting 5 minutes before your scheduled visit time. 

Find your MyChart Messages to access your visit confirmation and your provider's 10-digit ID. 

Example:  123-456-7890

Go to:, click “Join a Meeting”, and enter the provider ID. 

If prompted, click to open Zoom and enter your first and last name.

You will automatically be placed in a waiting room. When your provider joins, you will be able to see and hear them and your visit will begin.


Once your video visit is complete, you may click Leave in the lower right to leave the visit.